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Tosha Terry is known as a Marvelous Mother…World Travel Expert… Educator…Powerful Poet…Party Planner…Business Woman… Amazing Artist… Motivator…Lover of Life… Enthusiast… Humanitarian & Creative Soul.   


Tosha Terry has always had a love for life, an ambitious, adventerous spirit, and a fearless soul.  The inspiration to travel came from her great grandmother, Mrs. Annie Mae Smith.  She didn’t have the opportunity to travel to go anywhere  but encouraged and instructed  Tosha  to “go everywhere.” Following instructions, Tosha Terry traveling in her early twenties and fell in love with the world. Each travel experience allowed her great-grandmother to travel vicariously through her stories for years.  At the peak of her travel journey, she created a list of “pregnancy promises” to her unborn child  and the first one stated, “If I bring you in the WORLD, I will show you THE WORLD”.  Her  daughter, Madelynn’s  first flight took place when she was only 4 months old and  In  eleven years, they have spent quality time in 30 destinations worldwide including Dubai, India, Egypt, France, Italy, and more.  Her global perspective  and world view has inspired others to get passports and expose their children to life abroad as well. Her passion for travel and helping others was the  driving force in developing  her  travel group, A LOT FOR A LITTLE where she freely provides travel tips and information. Her travel group assisted many people in obtaining their passports and making their travel dreams come true.  Her travel advice and classes consistently yield over 1 thousand viewers. After many request, she agreed to teach more and designed LIVE GOLDEN – an online travel course where she  offers a variety of courses . Her goal is to provide direct instruction and teach people her secrets of success in accomplishing travel goals. Registration for her classes are located on this website.  (LIVE GOLDEN and A LOT for A LITTLE can both be found on FACEBOOK) 


Raised by her great- grandparents in the Arkansas Delta, she was provided with a world of wisdom and developed a unique perspective at an early age. Multi- talented in the area of Music and Arts, she received formal training in the area of for the piano, saxophone,  and Dance, but POETRY was her unique and special gift. She has received countless awards for literary works and performances her entire life. During High school she was voted as “Most Talented” every year.  Her first book “Between the Lines”,  was published in 2000 and sold 5,000 copies within the first six months. Renaissance Entertainment, was a company founded by Tosha Terry in Houston, Texas  during the year   This Later that year she founded, RENAISSANCE ENTERTAINMENT LLC,  this company was responsible for taking the underground  Houston poetry community into mainstream venues of downtown Houston. She was a pioneer in laying the foundation for  the largest and longest standing poetry night in Houston, Texas.  That took place on the 7th day(Sunday)  at 7 PM with a cover charge of 7.00….Her sophomore project was a CD that contained a combination of music and poetry entitled Renaissance Woman – 2003 , This was her farewell album to  Houston as she relocated to Washington DC  a month after its release when gaining acceptance into graduate school at Howard University.  in 2011 She produced another CD entitled “SAY AMEN” .   Her path has crossed with the likes of Dick Gregory, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Phylicia Rashad, Tasha Smith, Nisha Parker, Floetry, Solange , Gail King and others.  Tosha writes every night but performs live at random and by request.  You may purchase her CDs under the Poetry Tab


Tosha has always been an energetic person, in during childhood she danced, performed a lot and was a cheerleader in high school.  Her mission is to help others to live their best life. “Living your best life means taking care of your life…” inspired by her fitness role model,  Ms. Earnestine Shepherd, After completing a 52 week commitment to fitness and exercise, she created a support group, THE NEW 52,  to motivate, educate, and inspire others to make a commitment to live healthier on a DAILY basis with a focus on consistency.  Tosha is a proud member of Planet Fitness and can be found there several days a week.  On occasion she attends strength training class under the instruction of her role model, Ms. Earnestine Shepherd,( The New 52 is an online community that can be found on FACEBOOK) 


Tosha Terry has mastered ENJOYING LIFE and she loves to party, her creative soul has a gift for décor, design,  and planning, she spreads joy in creating itineraries, and making magical moments. Her pregnancy promised to her daughter also listed “I PROMISE TO PARTY – we will celebrate every year of your life, because life is precious. “ As a result of hosting amazing birthday parties for her daughter each year, other parents started requesting her services, and in 2016 she founded EPIC EVENTS, where she now plans parties for others. Book her to host your party click on the EPIC EVENTS tab for more information. 


Tosha Terry loves to learn and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. She graduated from Central High School in Helena Arkanasas. Obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas and attended graduate school at Howard University in Washington, DC. She was an educator with DC Public Schools for many years. She continues to teach others how to LIVE GOLDEN through a variety of travel courses and provides financial literacy  classes per request. 


Tosha Terry has a generous spirit and has participated in helping those in need for decades, She worked for the Red Cross as a volunteer and site leader through disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and IKE…During Hurricane Harvey she spear headed support efforts and was able to provide direct support for families with school aged children in Houston. She has partnered with Hope for Haiti and supported orphaned children.  She has a heart for babies and old ladies….and is known at a variety of Senior Living Facilities for her volunteer supports and efforts. “Our blessings are not for ourselves….We are blessed to be a blessing to others….when we do that we’re blessed even more.”-Tosha Terry

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